About us

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About us

Pakistan Security Printing Corporation was established as a joint venture company by Government of Pakistan on March 10, 1949, with M/s Thomas De La Rue International of UK. Over the years, PSPC underwent several expansion programs and enhancements of its portfolio. This includes the establishment of Security Papers Limited (SPL) in 1965, of which PSPC today is the largest shareholder. The creation of SPL removed PSPC’s dependence on imported security paper.

Similarly, PSPC reduced its dependencies on imported inks in 1995, when under a joint venture between PSPC and SICPA (a Swiss company), a private limited company was established to manufacture inks for banknote printing.

Lastly, State Bank of Pakistan acquired Banknote and Prize Bond printing facility from PSPC and a new Company, NSPC was formed for other Security Printing needs of the Country.

Key Function of PSPC

PSPC supports SBP in its currency management policy by ensuring that the production of Banknote and Prize Bond from printing to packing is as per required indent and specification of denominations, and the delivery is as per the schedule provided by SBP-BSC. In doing so, it adheres to the Clean Note Policy of SBP and is engaged in improving the quality and security of banknotes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]